Dramatic ChangesThis project aims to test, create and develop the use of theatre and drama within the curriculum for young people’s employability and job skills training experiences. The project creates an innovative strategic partnership which will bring together voluntary, statutory and private sector youth workers and trainers, who support young people's employability and social inclusion.
Theatre and Drama may allow them to be more active in learning , and show young people how to create a successful career or become more motivated. We aim to increase the awareness of Drama within schools, teaching staff, trainers, and youth workers, as an employability tool, and roll out the new curriculum and approach within the partner countries (and wider EU community).
Project objectives:

  • Exchange new best practice in Poland, Hungary and UK;
  • Create a new Network of youth work and tutors in London to develop best practice in using Theatre and Drama in the learning offer;
  • Develop and deliver new or innovative youth work training materials and methods, using Drama and Theatre;
  • Promote the recognition of skills by referencing them to European and national qualifications frameworks and using EU validation instruments such as Youthpass;
  • Co-operate with local statutory bodies in the UK, Poland and Hungary to embed good practice in learning;
  • Build relationships among youth organisations and other organisations active in education and training as well as the job market in the UK;
  • Provide short term training exchange (10 day training events) for 30 Tutors/Youth Workers, to learn new skills;
  • Run 2 x annual, 10 two hour workshops for staff, tutors, youth workers and professionals in Drama and Theatre curriculum and activities;
  • Create a new Toolkit and Handbook on Drama and Theatre within employability skills courses, in Polish, Hungarian and English;
  • Launch and disseminate the new Curriculum across partner countries and EU.


The Project starts on 01/09/2015 and ends on 31/08/2018.
Project coordinator: Newham College of Further Education
Agreement number: 2015-1-UK01-KA201-013630

Project webpage: http://www.dramatic-changes.eu/


  • Newham College of Further Education United Kingdom
  • Akademia Humanistyczno - Ekonomiczna w Łodzi (Univeristy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz) Poland
  • Rogers Személyközpontú Oktatásért Alapítvány (Rogers Foundation for Person-Centred Education) Hungary

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