In our 'Kulissza' workshop we offer our children and youngsters the joy and the development effects of drama, singing and dancing in three age-groups. Our students become familiar with the artistic forms of expression in drama, music, dance and movements.

In the drama classroom they learn specific expression forms, what they will find useful later in their daily contacts and communication. Students learn about themselves, their classmates, their surrounding world through a gesture, an intonation or a facial expression. With the awareness of their physical abilities and their personality they can easily express themselves accurately and clearly in a variety of life situations. They become more brave, more determined.

In musical skill development we use music, or elements of music (sound, rhythm, melody, harmony, dinamics) in order to facilitate communication, relationships, learning, expression, mobilization, organization.

Dance is one of the oldest healing arts. Every era and every territory discovered the benefits, the liberating and integrating effects of movements of creativity. Gesture, posture, movement reflect most directly the way people feel.

As our classes stimulates other competencies what our present educational system requires, so our students can still have a sense of achievement, even though they have trouble with learning at school. We organise charitable events, performances, so our student beside gaining stage experience, learn the joy of volunteering and giving. This also develops social sensitivity. We can also assist those who are preparing for careers int he performing arts.

All in a playful and harmonious enviroment!